Restaurant Menu Design Services NJ

Make your company stand out from the crowd with our restaurant menu design services in NJ. provides specialized outstanding restaurant menu design services by our experts.

What can influence menu design? The specifics of the target audience of your establishment, their estimated age and occupation will affect not only the prices of dishes, but also the menu.

The style of the interior, its main colors, shades, textures, patterns - all this should be taken into consideration and well combined with the design of the menu.

All menu components will be aligned with promised experience.

We also consider seasoning of the business, how many times a year the menu of your establishment should change. If quite often, for example, once a season or even a month, then the design should be such that changes can be easily made. At the same time, it can be stylized, for example, in the form of periodicals - a magazine or a newspaper. There are some design patterns, but we always create unique products, so you will never see something similar.

Rule of the "Golden Triangle"
The Golden Triangle is the term used when creating menus to refer to the three areas that most guests pay attention to first:
Middle part. Customers look at the middle of the menu first. This is a great place to post special offers;
Top right corner. This is where most restaurants place a main course section;
Upper left corner. After the upper right corner, the person's eyes automatically move to the left corner. Snacks are usually located here, which in combination with alcoholic drinks can increase the profit of the institution.

Menu Design Services NJ

Take care of typography
Titles make up a large part of the menu, so it is worth paying special attention to the choice of fonts. Visitors want to clearly understand what to order, and overly strict fonts make the names of dishes unreadable. Remember typography complements the overall tone of the menu.
Designers advise to use no more than 3 simple fonts in order to avoid chaos on the sheet. The fonts emphasize and enhance the personality of a restaurant or cafe. Note that fancy and graphically complex fonts are allowed for Victorian menus. Secondary elements such as spacing, italics, bold, etc. are worth paying attention to.